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In a swinging attempt to bring down the hammer, the IFC at the University of Pittsburgh has instituted a policy that fines chapters $20 for every tenth of a point below a 2.5 grade point average for every new member.

IFC President Zachary Patton said the idea is part of a push by the organization to achieve a long elusive goal: an average GPA for fraternity members that is above the average for all males on campus. The average GPA for fraternity members at Pitt is 3.024, just below the 3.042 average for all males on campus.

“We’re better than the numbers we’re being given,” Patton added.

Mr. Patton, we applaud your efforts to push your fraternity community to be better. After all, one of our core #fraternalvalues is building better men, not settling for average men. In fact, Pitt’s fraternity/sorority community commits to scholarship as one of its core values, stating they stand “To promote intellectual growth and academic excellence through the recruitment of quality students, scholastic programming, educational support, and recognition opportunities.”

Pitt IFC, we’re proud of you for showing us part of being in a fraternity is pushing for that growth and excellence together instead of just telling us. Patton explained, “In a chapter, everybody should be able to put their heads together to help the maybe one or two kids in a pledge class who are struggling. We see that as the fraternity’s responsibility.”

However, we wonder why the policy is limited to just new members. If we’re all about helping each other reach for more, shouldn’t that extend past the new member period? Why are your chapters only held accountable for their initiated members?

Some could also argue fines don’t teach anyone anything, and we can see how this isn’t totally developmental, but this policy isn’t meant to be developmental. It’s meant to hold chapters accountable for academic success. So Pitt IFC, good job for expecting your members to be excellent instead of average.


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