This Is The Beginning Of Anything You Want

I love the beginning of each year – I always view it as a fresh start and know that anything is possible. As this new year begins, you may be a new officer, a new professional or a seasoned leader with a fresh perspective. Believe me when I tell you we are all in the same place – something about January and February reminds us this can be the beginning of anything we want. We have the chance for a fresh start and make the improvements we’ve been wishing for. And, the good news is, we can make them happen now.

While you are planning for your most successful year ever, I encourage you to follow these strategies to make the most of this year:

Set Realistic Goals

You are absolutely encouraged to dream big – it’s how change happens and it provides us something to look forward to. It’s an important distinction to learn the line between dreaming and doing. Let your dreams run free and wild, but when you’re planning your goals – determine what is realistic to accomplish in a semester, in a month, in a week. I often see others – student leaders and professionals – set lofty goals that aren’t possible even on the best of days. It’s ok to set small, achievable goals. Small change over a period of time will accomplish more than a grand plan that fizzles and fails.

I encourage you to set realistic goals this year by detailing your tasks and scheduling the time to make your goals happen. You’ll be more motivated and more successful by setting and achieving realistic goals.

Take Time To Learn The Basics

When I’m in a new situation or have something new, I always read the manual, or the policy book or the directions
(seriously, I’m not kidding). There have been many times that the learned, basic knowledge has saved me. You may be
smart and think you can wing it at the last minute, but I promise you smart and knowledgeable is going to make you

I encourage you to schedule time to learn more, especially the basics. You’ll be more confident and more professional as you develop your skill for learning and share your learned knowledge with others.

Schedule Time For Your Goals

When I was in college, I lived by my planner. I’d schedule classes, clubs, homework, exercise and task time – my
schedule filled up regularly, but I always got everything done on time. And even today, I use my calendar to make sure I’m managing my time effectively. When I put it in my calendar, I’m saying that it’s an important appointment that is valuable to me. Whether it’s work-related, volunteer-related or personal – I make sure that if it’s something I need to do, I’ve scheduled the appropriate time to do it.

I encourage you to invest in planning. Schedule yourself time to get things done. Put it in your calendar and keep the appointment. You’ll be more focused and more accomplished when you make scheduling your priorities a priority. This year offers you a new chance to make your goals a reality. Remember, this is the beginning of anything you want. You can make it happen today with a little bit of planning, an understanding of realistic goals and the desire to learn. I’m looking forward to seeing what you accomplish this year.


Andrea Battaglia is an organization expert and wellness advocate that enjoys sharing her successful strategies for organization, healthy living, and innovation through facilitating workshops, streamlining processes and relevant solutions. Andrea is a proud Greek alum, former Greek Advisor and currently works in Higher Education Fundraising & Development in Springfield, Missouri and happily spends her days immersed in marketing, fundraising strategy and volunteer management. Follow Andrea on her blog at or on Facebook at


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