The Secret Things that SPARK JOY for your Fraternity/Sorority Advisor

1. When your collegiate chapter members GET IT. Like really GET IT.

2. First day of summer break (because we are T.I.R.E.D.)

3. Move-In Day (because, ok, we really missed you)

4. Reminding chapter leaders what their GPA would be if they KonMari’d the lowest GPA performers in the chapter. (0.0 GPA shouldn’t be a thing. It does not spark joy for anyone.)

5. Seeing chapter/council presidents on the other side (after their term) and sharing that moment, “Yeah, I got you, friend. We are in this for life.”

6. When elections happen and 1. You don’t have to be involved and 2. The chapter picks the leader they need (All.The.Praise.Hands.)

7. When your top student leaders become good alumni friends, and you share life stories each time you meet.

8. When that super-awesome student is frustrated because their brothers/sisters don’t get it and makes positive change on the whole community.

9. When the Chapter Risk Management Officer has actually read/understands the student policy handbook.

10. When chapter members and alumni advisors act like normal people during Sorority Recruitment.

11. When fraternity members spend their Friday night doing community service and really enjoy it.

12. When a student says to you, “You really made a difference in my life, thank you for being awesome.”

13. When you return home from a conference and want to share your awards you won with us.

14. When students you work with understand the concept of “an emergency on your part does not constitute an emergency on mine” and truly plan ahead.

15. When chapters invite you to chapter events that celebrate their accomplishments such as scholarship dinners, chartering anniversaries, etc.

16. When a student you previously worked with emails you after graduation to tell you how much what you taught is transferable to their career.

17. When students come back from leadership conferences or institutes, meet with you to create action plans, and actually carry those plans out.

18. When you sit in on an executive board meeting and you don’t have to speak up or remind the students to do the right thing because they are holding each other accountable and know where the resources they need are.

19. When you get a thank you card from a student you had a hard conversation with about the change they needed to make in their life/leadership/chapter/council, they did it, and have now reflected on how impactful making that change was to them and those involved.

Andrea Battaglia, Drury University
Nicole Cronenwett, National Panhellenic Conference
Kathryn O’Hagan, University of Missouri
Rebekah Joy Martindale, Bowling Green State University
Andrea Weber, Missouri State University
Viancca Williams, University of South Florida
Dustin Wolfe, University of Nebraska at Omaha


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