Spreading Love: A Reflection


Before you can spread love to your community or chapter, you need to first learn to spread love to yourself. Self-love, or internal love, is one of the most important concepts as individuals we need to understand. It is important to love yourself before you can love anyone else. The idea of showing yourself love might sound difficult because as leaders (and people!) we tend to get overwhelmed or believe we do not have the time it takes. Also, the social media portrayal of how we should look or act can make this difficult. So, how do we show love to ourselves? Believe it or not, it is really quite simple. You just need to believe you are special and unique in your own way, and those qualities are what make you perfect. It is those unique qualities you need to learn to love because those are the qualities that can make you a great leader, community member, and colleague.

Believe you are special and unique in your own way, and those qualities are what make you perfect.

You also need to do things to help your mental health because your mental health is the most important part of showing self-love; if you can mentally convince yourself to love yourself, you can spread love to others. To do this, you should take time out of your day to do things that make you happy. Every day, I take an hour to meditate, relax, and do yoga because it helps me to regain my focus. In my experience, meditation can really help you see all the good and unique qualities you have as an individual. Another activity you can do is write down things you love about yourself and put them in a jar. Every morning, pull out one affirmation and read it out loud. This helps you to see all the things you love about yourself, and in turn you start to truly show self-love. A final small exercise you can do is to list all of the good things you achieved during the day and the things you would like to achieve tomorrow. This will help you to further yourself by showing you how much you achieved and how much you plan to continue to achieve. If you do some variation of these things, you will be able to find your self-love and then be able to spread love to your chapter and community.

Spreading Love to Your Chapter:

The best way to spread love to your chapter is by making sure you are there for each member. Showing support to the members of your chapter will help you to spread love to them. Also, everyone has a different battle they are fighting, so instead of being someone who makes their day worse, try to find ways to make it better by being positive and offering help when it is needed. By being genuine and trustworthy, your members will see that you care. This could be as simple as complimenting members on their uniqueness or accomplishments or by showing up to events they are participating in.

Additionally, planning brotherhood or sisterhood events on self-love can help your chapter grow closer and build a stronger love within the chapter. This could be achieved by doing trust exercises that allow individuals to open up. Once people open up about how they feel or what is causing them to feel stressed or depressed, you can be more supportive and loving of that individual. Also, to spread love within a chapter, we need to realize not all members like the same things. By doing more activities that different people like to do, you can start to love the individual more for their unique hobbies and further your development as a member and as a person. You should take time in your weekly chapter meeting to show love to one another by simply doing maybe a funny attendance question or giving out awards for accomplishments of the week. This can really help someone feel appreciated, further adding to spreading love not only to the individual but also to your chapter.

Spreading Love to the Greek Community & Community as a Whole:

Spreading love is something very important to me as a member of the fraternity/sorority community and as a member of my university’s Interfraternity Council executive board. This is also what my position has the most to do with as I am Vice President of Membership Development. It is my job to focus on the development of the members of our community, and this is something I have put into focus. To spread love to the community, you need to first get to know the members of your community. In order to do that, you need to take the time to go to their events and support the causes they hold so dear to their hearts. This shows you care and support what they do.

By supporting all members of the community, and being someone that’s positive and there to help, you can help to spread wellness and love to everyone.

I also take time to talk with different members from both the fraternity/sorority community and university community to see how they are doing and what I can do to make their day better. These interactions can lead to a big impact because the community members might do something similar, which can lead to a chain of love being spread. I also do this when I go to other events held by other organizations or chapters on our campus. If there is an event where they are serving food, I often will sit with another fraternity and to get to know them better. This has allowed me to make new friends by showing I care. Also in my position, I have put together events to help spread the love of our chapters to others by creating a cup system that gives chapters recognition for supporting other chapters and organizations. I also take the time in my report to always remind members of our council to be safe and also to take time for their own mental health. It is important to always care and support chapters especially in their time of need. Additionally, it is important as members of the fraternity/sorority community to go to other community and organization events. I have done this personally by being a member of dance marathon and helping to raise money for Mercy Children’s Hospital in hope that one day there will be no more sick kids. By supporting all members of the community, and being someone that’s positive and there to help, you can help to spread wellness and love to everyone.

Joseph Mikesell is an undergraduate at Bowling Green State University and is studying Health Care Administration with a minor in business. He is a member of the Zeta-Lambda Chapter of Tau Kappa Epsilon and Vice President of Membership Development for BGSU’s Interfraternity Council. In his free time, he likes to listen to music and read articles.


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