Adulting 101: Managing Transitions After Graduation

It is that wonderful time of year where we have last dinners with our sorority and fraternity siblings, we send our seniors off through a ritual or tradition, we get fitted for a cap and gown, take some great pictures, and walk across the graduation stage trying not to trip, feeling ready to move our tassel to the left side upon receiving our diplomas. This time is exciting, exhilarating and pretty scary! After graduation you may be going to start a new job, moving back home, spending a year abroad, getting another degree, or still figuring it out. Whatever your plan is, all recent graduates will go through a transition. Transitions, while exciting, can be hard, messy, and challenging. However, with these tips and tricks, you will be able to manage your transition a little bit better!

Embrace the “Letting Go”

When you graduate college there is a lot that you will be “letting go.” You will be letting go of chapter meetings, living on campus, study nights with friends, banner painting, philanthropy planning, or eating pizza in the common room. Life may start to look like dissertation writing late at night, waking up at 6 a.m. to commute an hour to work, or learning how to co-habitat with your parents again. These changes are all hard, but knowing you are in this phase of letting go and starting something new, you can truly live it and feel it. During this time lean on other friends going through change, journal about your new experience, and let these changes happen!

Get Outside Your Comfort Zone

Chances are you are in a different environment where you may not have the same social circles as before. When I first moved for graduate school, I knew I needed to do join something to have a life outside of class and work. I signed up for a run club and started to make new friends, while also keeping myself active. By getting outside of your comfort zone and trying something new, you can help manage your transition by having a new activity to look forward to and you can make connections that may become friends in your post grad life!

Create an Action Plan!

You probably have some idea of what is next for you in the short term. Whether it is moving to a closet sized apartment in the big city or joining the Peace Corp, you can create a plan for yourself to successfully manage your transition and all the ups and downs that come with it. An action plan can include things like, joining a new Meetup group, having a weekly call with your best friend, planning a trips home, or more. The purpose of this plan is to help you manage your transition and do what is best for you to go through the changes!

Transition is hard and graduating college will not be your last transition, nor is it your first. By recognizing where you are at and how you can best take care of yourself upon this major change you can set yourself up for future success!


Gabbie Rimmaudo is the Director of Education and Growth at Chi Psi Fraternity. Prior to Chi Psi, Gabbie worked at Pi Beta Phi Headquarters and attended graduate school at the University of South Florida where she worked in the Office of New Student Connections helping first year and transfer students manage their transitions to college. Gabbie is based out of Nashville, TN where she enjoys working out at getFIT615, exploring local coffee shops, yoga, and volunteering with Musicians on Call. She is a Zeta Tau Alpha alumna from George Mason University. Follow her at her blog:


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